How do you create a modern safe space?

Branding / Computation / Experiential Design

In South Ko­rea, there are com­mu­ni­ties known as bam­boo forests (대나무숲), which are com­mon among uni­ver­si­ties. It is a space which stu­dents can anony­mously inquire and con­fess events and stories.

The term orig­i­nates from a Ko­rean folk­lore : A king is cursed with don­key ears, which he tries to hide by a large crown. The only per­son who knows of his ears is his bar­ber, who is forced to keep this as a se­cret. The stress and pressure is too intense, and one day the bar­ber ends up shout­ing the king’s se­cret at a bam­boo for­est.

Extending the metaphor, college students started to call these online safe spaces bamboo forests. Now a common community, these forests have acutally contributed signficantly in solving issues such as bribary or sexual harrassment. 

However, these spaces have significant drawbacks of lack of anonymity because of the facebook platform, and the platform also diminishes the experience of letting it go. 

Introduced to mediums such as coding and VR, bamboo forests seemed to be full of potential to create a better destressing environment. 

Name to emphasize a sense of space. Incorporated nightsky instead of bamboo forest to better communicate a free space, void of listeners.