Reasons, (vocabs, terms, figures, and statistics) why you are beautiful

2019 Degree Project

Publication / Art Direction

Living in South Korea, a country with problematic beauty standards, and figuring out personal conflicts of beauty, appearance culture has always been a personal and important issue. What does it mean to be beautiful? When do certain features become ‘better’ than others? Why do we consider particular characteristics more attractive? Should we be aware of this? How can we ask such questions in a non-judgemental manner?

The questions lead to a bilingual publication accompanied with original illustrations. The book launch was introduced with a presentation.

Through research, there were three categories for the establishment of beauty standards.

Vocabs, of terminologies, surgeries and syndromes of our appearance culture, individuals that have contributed in the establishement of current beauty standards, and statistics that show how this appearance culture effects us.

Day of book launch + Presentation