Hyukoh 2- Concert

Branding / 
Art Direction
Fic­tional con­cert brand­ing for the fa­mous Ko­rean In­die band Hyukoh.

Hyukoh is a famous indie group in Korea. All the members are born in 1993, and most of their songs talk about the life of being in their 20s. Most of their audience are the similar demographic as well. Because there is such a strong story-telling aspect in their lyrics, when it came to designing a compilation concert, the titles of the songs seemed most ideal. 
Inspired by their album covers, which are also titled 22, 23, 24, and so forth, the concert name became 2 - (two two two) to emphasize the celebration of one’s youth and 20s. 

Titles were printed on orange paper, and the texture of ripping out and pasting something, seemed like being in one’s early twenties. Figuring out yourself, adjusting things, and although it may seem like a mess, there is a beauty in it. 

All the titles of their songs were typed and printed on orange paper.
Shapes were ripped out as random as possible.

Typography kept as simple as possible for higher contrast with the paper texture and random placement of text.
Orange was used as it was often incorporated in the band’s previous concerts, and as the color is bright and often associated with high energy. 

Close up of sticker (left) Stickers applied (right)
Sketches and ideations of previous ideas