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A Face on a Uniform

How can students utilize their resources better? 

Branding / Art Direction / Campagin

A Face on a Uniform is a campaign created to improve the relationship between the student body and RISD’s Public Safety department.

The Problem : Students do not know public safety resources, and are intimidated by the lack of interaction.

Initially tackling safer late night walks from campus, survey results revealed that the inital issue existed in the lack of communication between the public safety department and the students.

Students lacked information regarding resources, and there was intimidation caused by officer uniforms.

To emphasize the human side of the officers, and to make it more approachable for students to reach out to them, I incorporated Chief Norman Gamache’s quote: “To put a face on a uniform.”

Design Process

The message: Public safety officers are people with stories, other identities, and flaws.  

References from T magazine illustrated interviews, Spare change news, Lunch on Wheels campaign.

Asked officers to draw self-portraits, as they are art school public safety officers, and hand write chapters of the book.

Illustrations and Writings



Booklet spreads