A Face on a Uniform

Branding /
Art Direction
Creating a face for RISD’s Public Safety department for students to feel better connected to them and ultimately promote a safer campus experience. 

The Problem

Students do not know public safety resources, and are intimidated by the officers due to lack of interaction.
Survey results from students
Initially tackling safer late night walks from campus, survey results revealed that the inital issue existed in the lack of communication between the public safety department and the students.

Students lacked information regarding resources, and there was intimidation caused by officer uniforms.
Chief officer Normand Gamache was also aware of the situation, and during my interview with him, expressed that Public Safety’s new goals was to put a face on a uniform. I thought this was an appropriate approach to introduce personality and really show who the officers are as people to the students. 

The Solution

Provide the message that Public safety officers are people with stories, different identities, and flaws. 
As the solution was to promote and introduce the department of Public Safety, it was natural to have the voice of the officer included. 

Self portraits and hand-written titles immedeatly provide information of the person, in a light-hearted and friendly way. It was also a way to quite literally put a face on a uniform. 
Self portraits and the contents of booklet, handwritten by the officers

Portrait illustraitons as patterns, 5th element.
Stickers front and back; comes in color of blue and yellow. Back side contains information of public safety.